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Vanilla Sky - Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Rock Club Band

It was twenty years ago today,Sergeant Pepper taught the band to play


I was born to be a dancer!

Basics : Lettie - 18 years old(and loving it) - Brazillian living in Japan - Got 2 piercings - Beatlemaniac

The disco is empty and the music sucks?!
That's okay,I can make it fun!

The work is boring and someone is pissing me off?
I just sing my favorite song and the time pass fast!

My crush kicked my ass?!
I'll be depressed for one hour or maybe two,but at night I'll go out with my friends and have fun!

Nobody is free to hang out with me?!
I'll go by myself 8)

Favorite quote : "To define is to limit" (Oscar Wilde)

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